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We look forward to seeing you at the 2015 Michigan Christian Convention.  The planning committee is busy working out all the exciting details.  Please check in often to see the latest developments for the 2015 Michigan Christian Convention. 

Tyler Barlage

President, 2015 Convention Planning Committee

Introducing Our 2015 Keynote Speakers


Jeff Faull
Friday evening, 7:00pm
"Message title TBD"

Saturday afternoon, 2:15pm

"Message title TBD"


 Jerry Tallman
Saturday morning, 10:30am
"Message title TBD"



MCC Friday Daytime Seminars

Option #1  e2 Effective Elders
The seminar runs from 9:00am - 4:30pm. Includes lunch. 

e2 Effective Elders 
led by Dr. Jim Estep, Gary Johnson, and Dr. David Roadcup

This seminar is based on their book, "The Healthy Elder."  Main presentations will address the topics of the healthy elder, the healthy elder team, and the healthy church.  Within this seminar will be three workshop tracts:  Facilitating Vision-Mission-Values (Gary); Elder and Staff Training (David); and Teacher and Small Group Leadership Training (Jim).

Option #2  Sermon on the Mount
The seminar runs from 9:00am - 4:30pm. Includes lunch. 

Sermon on the Mount

led by Jerry Paul

This seminar will examine the teachings of Jesus as presented in His Sermon on the Mount, with special application of the lessons to our lives.

to the 2015
Michigan Christian Convention
Friday and Saturday
April 17-18 
On the campus of
Great Lakes Christian College,
6211 W. Willow Hwy,
Lansing, Michigan 48917.

The Michigan Christian Convention (MCC) has served churches throughout Michigan for over 50 years by providing education and edification to support local work. We invite speakers and workshop leaders to help inform and inspire churches to greater service for our Lord. Our hope is that each person in attendance will find useful knowledge and tools for their work in the kingdom of God. Let me introduce our 2015 Keynote Speakers for the Main Sessions at the Conference.

MCC in Action

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MCC Blog Updates

  • MCC is Seeking Vendors

    You can set up a display for your ministry or Christian business at the Michigan Christian Convention. Get the word out about your ministry or business and network with people who may be interested in what you do or have to offer. See cost and contact details on the Registration page.

  • Speakers Are Confirmed

    Our speakers are all confirmed for the 2013 Michigan Christian Convention, and we've got three good ones.  You can read a little bit about each on the web site below.  Also, we're offering something different for 2013 regarding the all-day Friday seminar.  This year we are offering two choices!  You get to pick whether you want to sit in on the Effective Elder leaders seminar, or the seminar on prayer which is titled "Loving to Pray."

  • Recent Developments for MCC 2013

    We're working on securing keynote speakers and excellent workshops that will help Christians live their faith with integrity, intentionality, interaction, and influence.  Stay tuned for more details as they develop.

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Past Keynote Speakers

Past keynote speakers at MCC include...

  • Bob Russell
  • Jeff Walling
  • Dr. David Faust
  • Larry Carter
  • Dan Smith
  • Dr. Rubel Shelly
  • Dr. Gary Johnson
  • Dr. Jack Cottrell
  • Don McLaughlin
  • Matt Proctor
  • Randy Harris
  • Steve Larson
  • James Sanderson
  • Dr. James Girdwood

                            ‚Ķjust to name a few!