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Welcome to the 2014 Michigan Christian Convention!

Human beings can err, but the Word of God is the very wisdom of God and the absolutely infallible truth." - Martin Luther

As a child I learned a cute little song that had more meaning then I realized at the time. You know the one, it goes like this: “The B.I.B.L.E, yes that’s the book for me. I’ll stand alone on the Word of God, the B.I.B.L.E.”

During my ten years as an apostate, I ridiculed, mocked and outright made fun of such a simplistic and old fashioned idea. But then something happened. A person by the name of Carl Hiram Gates came into my life and challenged me to read the B.I.B.L.E. and take it at face value. My life hasn’t been the same since.

I may have changed my worldview at the age of 20 but that didn’t change what can’t be changed –THE TRUTH. Real truth never changes. God’s Word is THE TRUTH, real truth and as a result it doesn’t change. The unchanging Word of God can and will change people and as a result change nations BUT it does not change. Jesus tells us in Mark 13:31 that “Heaven and earth will pass away but MY WORDS will never pass away.” We are told in Proverbs 30:5 that “every Word of God is flawless.” Paul admonishes us in Colossians 3:16 to “let the Word of Christ dwell in you richly as you admonish one another.” In 2 Timothy 3:16-17 we find these words about the B.I.B.L.E.: “All Scripture is God breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.”

The Body of Christ has been commissioned by Jesus Himself to make disciples of all nations, immersing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything He has commanded. To do that we need to stand on the Truth That Never Changes. In this day and age of compromise, relativism and wishy-washy theology we need to be able to demonstrate why the truth of God’s Word is still true today and really the only thing that will bring salvation to a lost and dying world.

Our goal this year is to help the Body of Christ understand the truth that is to guide the church and help us impact the world in which we live. We will focus on the Church and how the Word of God says it should function. You will also find workshops and Main Sessions designed to help individual Christ followers be able to give a reason for the hope they have and why they believe what they believe.

Henry Hawver

President, 2014 Convention Planning Committee

Introducing Our 2014 Keynote Speakers


Jim Tune
Friday evening, 7:00pm
"The Church - The Unchanging Vessel of the Word of God"

Jim is the Senior Minister of Churchill Meadows Christian Church in Mississauga Ontario, Canada, a congregation of 600 members.  He also serves as president of Impact Ministry Group Church Planting, Inc.  To learn more about the church's ministry, visit their web site at  To learn more about the church planting ministry of Impact Ministry Group, please visit their web site at


Tony Reynolds
Saturday morning, 11:15am
"The Authority of Scripture - The Unchanging Revealed Word of God"

Tony is the preaching Minister at Gladwin Church of Christ in Gladwin, Michigan.  Along with his wife, Lisa, and their four beautiful children, they have been serving in the north for almost 14 years.  Before going to Gladwin, he worked as a Youth Minister at the Parkside Church of Christ in Dearborn Heights, Michigan, for 13 years.  Tony is a graduate of Rochester College and Harding University Graduate School of Religion.  Tony's interests include hunting, fishing, golf, and reading. 


Brett Kays
Saturday afternoon, 3:15pm
"The Exclusivity of Christ - The Unchanging Incarnate Word of God"

Brett is the founding and Lead Minister of Southpoint Community Christian Church, which has two campuses in Trenton and Allen Park, Michigan, with a weekend attenance near 1,700.  To learn more about the ministry of Southpoint Community Christian Church, visit their web site at

MCC Friday Daytime Seminar

God's Structure for the Church Has Not Changed.
The seminar runs from 9:00am - 4:30pm. Includes lunch. 
See brochure for more details.

led by Jim Tune

In this MCC Friday daytime seminar, Jim Tune will address a number of subjects and issues associated with the Biblical example given for the church's structure in light of the challenges faced by congregations today.  This daytime seminar will examine the Biblical pattern for effective church ministry, the use of spiritual gifts, how preachers and elders can work together in harmony, and women's roles in the church.

to the 2014
Michigan Christian Convention
Friday and Saturday
April 11-12 
On the campus of
Great Lakes Christian College,
6211 W. Willow Hwy,
Lansing, Michigan 48917.

The Michigan Christian Convention (MCC) has served churches throughout Michigan for over 50 years by providing education and edification to support local work. We invite speakers and workshop leaders to help inform and inspire churches to greater service for our Lord. Our hope is that each person in attendance will find useful knowledge and tools for their work in the kingdom of God. Let me introduce our 2014 Keynote Speakers for the Main Sessions at the Conference.

MCC in Action

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  • MCC is Seeking Vendors

    You can set up a display for your ministry or Christian business at the Michigan Christian Convention. Get the word out about your ministry or business and network with people who may be interested in what you do or have to offer. See cost and contact details on the Registration page.

  • Speakers Are Confirmed

    Our speakers are all confirmed for the 2013 Michigan Christian Convention, and we've got three good ones.  You can read a little bit about each on the web site below.  Also, we're offering something different for 2013 regarding the all-day Friday seminar.  This year we are offering two choices!  You get to pick whether you want to sit in on the Effective Elder leaders seminar, or the seminar on prayer which is titled "Loving to Pray."

  • Recent Developments for MCC 2013

    We're working on securing keynote speakers and excellent workshops that will help Christians live their faith with integrity, intentionality, interaction, and influence.  Stay tuned for more details as they develop.

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Past Keynote Speakers

Past keynote speakers at MCC include...

  • Bob Russell
  • Jeff Walling
  • Dr. David Faust
  • Larry Carter
  • Dan Smith
  • Dr. Rubel Shelly
  • Dr. Gary Johnson
  • Dr. Jack Cottrell
  • Don McLaughlin
  • Matt Proctor
  • Randy Harris
  • Steve Larson
  • James Sanderson
  • Dr. James Girdwood

                            …just to name a few!